Dien Chan Zone Multi-Reflexology

A deeply healing, non-invasive technique, Dien Chan Zone Multi-Reflexology is rooted in Vietnamese tradition and has been developed in Italy over the last 20 years to adapt the treatment to Western needs.

With the Operator at your crown chakra, you laying comfortably on the table, each treatment begins with a protocol to prepare the nervous system. Multi- Reflex Zones and personalized points of interests on the face will be worked on as we continue and you enter into a deeply meditative state.

This healing treatment helps to rebalance and restore all systems in the body. It has a wide field of application and can offer relief for muscle aches and pains, headaches, menstrual discomfort and digestive issues that can often show up as skin conditions.

While not specifically intentioned to be a beauty treatment, the bonus is that working on the face, we naturally improve the circulation of blood, lymph and vital energy.

The more often applied the more effective it becomes so each Receiver will be provided with a reflex map so you can continue to treat yourself at home, no tools required.

Come experience for yourself this amazing treatment. Available as 30 or 60 minute sessions and a 15 minute consultation or as a 15 minute add-on to an existing treatment so you can sample the benefits.